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The Bohemian

Ladies & gentlemen, introducing The Bohemians. It’s not everyday you come across a band that can burst into any room, in any country, full of unsuspecting diners and cause an immediate flurry of excitement… but somehow these guys do it, every time, and in style! For you to have an idea of what an evening with The Bohemians is like, you must picture the scene; You’ve just enjoyed the last bite of your filet de boeuf and are now eying up your depleting glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, when literally out of nowhere four dashing gentlemen in fine suits stand in your midst. Beaming smiles, instruments at the ready and a general glow of energetic anticipation, tells you that this band is about to make you very happy indeed! The Bohemians pride themselves on their simple approach when it comes to showing people a wonderful time. They have no need for a stage, sound system or lights. It’s just them, an acoustic & electric guitar, a double bass and a miniature customised drum kit. “Cross-genre” barely begins to describe this band, which is hardly surprising when you consider the group is a merging of English, Mexican & Brazilian all living on the French Riviera soaking up the mediterranean sunshine. The unique charm of their show is magnified by their eclectic repertoire. You can expect harmony driven original renditions of the songs we all love, hits spanning over five decades and in several languages. You really can’t guess whether you’re about to hear the latest MTV smash hit or a timeless Italian or French classic. “Up close & personal” is how the band describe themselves, roaming from table to table, taking requests and inspiring the laughs. Generally spreading an atmosphere that is truly infectious, it’s not unusual for The Bohemians’ shows to end with the band and audiences alike dancing on tables and chairs simply enjoying the good times. You would expect a band of this nature to be traveling the world, playing at some of the hottest venues and for the hottest people around, well they don’t disappoint! Whilst being regular faces at some of the most prestigious restaurants on the French Riviera such as La Petite Maison & Cipriani of Monte Carlo, these bohemians (in every sense of the word) can be spotted jet setting from Uruguay to Moscow, Dubai to London. There really doesn’t seem to be any geographical limits for Thebohemians. The band’s fans reflect their own diversity, young & old alike and any nationality, not to mention the unsuspecting celebrities who have happily crossed their path, having had the pleasure to play for the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio, Robin Thicke, Lily Allen, Nicole Scherzinger and Prince Albert to name a few. The Bohemians, having formed through a combination of their passion for playing music and their instant friendship, share a very special chemistry that ignites their audiences. The bustling spirit of Nice in the South of France is the birth place of The Troubadours, inspired by the sunshine, the jazz bars, the rock n roll shows, the buskers on every street corner and the vibrant latin parties full of singing and music around the BBQ. The Troubadours are available for private parties, weddings and all kinds of special occasions. Any event, anywhere in the world!