My name is Emmanuelle M, i'm 34, born in the Périgord. I lived in different countries for the last 20 years, San Francisco, Paris, Morocco and recently based on the French Riviera. I’am an eternal traveller, always in quest of lost paradises, meetings and breathtaking landscapes, Nature is a great source of inspiration in my work. In few words, i am a great adventurer, positive and really “go ahead” person, always a smile on me and paradoxically a very calm temperament. nnIt has been 10 years now that i am dedicated to the photography, i started my carrer by working with artists, designers and slowly i changed world, worked with families, people in love. I cover weddings in France and abroad, when i’am working i am well known for my discretion, i’am a perfectionist, reliable and available for the people i work with. I will be glad to hear your story and maybe accompany you in your fabulous project.