The construction of the Château order by a English aristocrat began inn1890, took twenty years. Its imposing and elegant style evokes the famous Tuscan villas. The stones used for building the walls of the castle and the terraced gardens of Italian style have been routed from a quarry located in the Esterel. In 1926, the property passed into the hands of Léon V. and elected mayor of Saint-Tropez in 1935, In the 1930s and 40, the castle's heyday, many celebrities, actors and artists regularly attended the scene. Raimu, Josephine Baker, Colette, Marcel Pagnol, Jean Cocteau and many more became semi-residents.nThe vineyard of the Château produces high quality wines and the sea wind that blows on the vines is moreover a fundamental element for the quality of the wines.nToday the place is reserved for the organization of the most beautiful private events of the French Riviera.

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